Router Table Stand

Router Table Stand  Router Table stand closeup

This is a fairly simple stand I built for my Ryobi Router Table. It's based on plans by DIY Huntress, but with a few changes. The biggest one is that I used scrap plywood and OSB for the shelves instead of 2x4s. This allowed me to use up some material I already had and simplified the build. Her version with the 2x4s looks nicer (especially with the natural finish) but I knew I'd paint mine and it didn't need to be perfect. The only problem with the plywood is that it doesn't provide enough material to drive screws into for mounting the router table, so I had to add a couple more 2x4 braces underneath to catch the screws. In hindsight, I should have used 4x4s on the ends or changed the dimensions to address this, but as is often the case, I figured it out as I went along.

Underneath the top shelf

The other big change is the height - I wanted mine to match the height of my existing workbenches, so I cut the 2x4s for the legs a few inches shorter. Otherwise though it follows the plans, including the use of pocket hole screws to join everything together. This was my first project built using pocket screws, and it was a good way to practice since I wasn't aiming to build a furniture grade fixture. I overdrove a few screws and made some other mistakes that provided a good learning opportunity.

The final touch was an old gooseneck desk lamp that had broken off from its base. I bolted it to a shop clamp and attached it to the fence so I can see what I'm doing.

I'm looking forward to using my router table and cart as I complete more projects in the future. Thanks to Sam at DIY Huntress for the inspiration!

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Posted 6/1/2018