Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser Completed  Laundry basket dresser in garage

This is a project my wife asked for - a laundry basket dresser! We have a small home so anything we can do to better utilize vertical space is a must. The dresser allows for three laundry baskets to be stacked on top of each other, providing ample room for dirty clothes to be stored. It also provides separation of different clothing types, which is something we couldn't get with a clothes hamper. It's made laundry much easier to manage and we're no longer tripping over the baskets!

To get started, I looked at similar projects from Ana White and Infarrantly Creative (among others) so I'd have some ideas on how to go about it. I took my own measurements and built my dresser to different dimensions since it needed to fit the laundry baskets we bought. We received gift cards to Bed, Bath & Beyond for our wedding so we bought the baskets that were available at our local store.

laundry basket dresser under construction

The top, bottom and sides of the dresser are made from 3/4" (23/32") plywood and the back is 1/4" plywood. For the rails, I used 2x2" lumber which was left over from another project. All of the lumber is pine, no need for exotic woods here! Several measurements were taken and retaken throughout the process, I needed to consider the sides of the baskets, how much room should be in between each basket, how large the rails need to be, etc. I took my time and rechecked measurements throughout the process. It paid off as everything came together correctly the first time.

I wanted to do something to make my laundry basket dresser stand out from others I'd seen, so I rounded the top and bottom side edges on the router. I think it looks much nicer than having a square edge. My only concern with doing that is I used pocket screws to hold all the 3/4" plywood pieces together, and I was afraid there wouldn't be enough material to hold the screws. I used 1" pan head screws in the pocket holes which I drove on low speed with the clutch set very low. None of the screws broke through and everything held together tight. It worked out, but I'm sure it was close!

rail for laundy baskets

I also angled the front of the rails to help guide the baskets in and out of the dresser. The finish for the dresser is white gloss paint. A boring choice, but it fits in with our house better than a bright blue or green I would have preferred to see. :-)

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Posted 7/22/2018