Elektrosluch - Listen to EMI

Elektrosluch Completed  Elektrosluch Circuit Board

MAKE recently featured a very cool project that I had to build: the Elektrosluch! What’s an Elektrosluch? It’s basically a microphone of sorts that allows you to listen to electromagnetic interference (EMI) which is found all around us in our personal electronics, homes, automobiles, and many other places. The Elektrosluch includes a built-in amp, so listening can be done with headphones, or it can be connected to a recording device for sampling. The tutorial was written by Jonas Gruska, who designed the circuit. It was a lot of fun to build, and overall not too hard. I took my time and checked everything multiple times and it worked the first time I tried it.

I didn’t really follow the tutorial, but I read it and the schematics and set out to design mine based on that information. So my circuit is basically the same but the layout is different. The most notable things I did with my build are:

Here is my Elektrosluch in action, before I added a volume pot and cased it up:

Many thanks to Jonas Gruska for sharing his design and writing the tutorial, and to MAKE for featuring it!

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Originally posted April 20, 2016 on my old site; posted here April 6, 2018 with minor revisions.